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Amazon Fire TV/Firestick/Android Device (2)

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for Amazon Fire TV/Firestick or Android Device.

New Persons Questions and Answers (FAQ's) about this IPTV Service (2)

More details and commonly asked questions, and step by step guid to get you going.

PenguinIPTV APP Store (1)

Appstore for easier try of all my apps

PenguinIPTV Smarters For Windows (1)

PenguinIPTV Smarters For Windows Only requires user and password

PenguinVPN (3)

Setup Guides

Smarters Player MAC/Windows/IOS (1)

Use Smarters Player on Android & iOS devices, Smart TV, and even on macOS/Windows PC/Laptop

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 PenguinIPTV Setup Instructions:

Watch the video install of Penguiniptv:...

 Android/Firestick Installation

Firestick: Enable ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources on settings/device/developer...

 Windows Installation

Install the installer here: https://penguiniptv.xyz/apk/windowsvpn3.msi Follow through setup...


PHONE/IPAD SETUP (Not for older ios versions) Download testflight from ios app store open...

 Penguin APP Store Install

The following App will allow you to have all the apps on your device and you chose to install...